Message From Executive Director

Assalamualaikum wbt. and Salam Sejahtera

Warm Greetings from KISMEC

2016 was a year of formulating strategic framework to better respond to the changing and challenging needs of the Technical & Vocational Education and Training (TVET) system. It was a year of multiple new efforts, new frontiers and new ventures. Alhamdulillah, with excellent teamwork the yet arduous effort have shown remarkable accomplishments in the first quarter of 2017 and we pledge to continue vigorously to pursue new area of trainings and funding to support the industries’ needs and requirements of human capital talent and development.

We are most grateful to NCIA to have been awarded the TVET at Kulim Hi-Tech Park (KHTP) project to KISMEC, whereby KISMEC is entrusted to lead the training program of industry ready future workers to cater for the surrounding industries in Kulim. In order to best serve the KHTP industries, we will open our fully equipped second campus, which we proudly named as KISMEC 2 or K2, at KHTP.

The Malaysian Meister Program (MMP), too, will be running at K2. MMP is a program adapted from the German Meister Program and the certification is a collaborative effort between the Federation of Malaysian Skills Development Centre (FMSDC) which KISMEC is one of its member, Department of Skills Development, Handwerkskammer Aachen and Malaysian German Chamber of Commerce (MGCC). Two Meister programs, Mechatronic and Machining, are scheduled to begin by the 4 th quarter of 2017. Electrical and Electronics will follow suit while for Automotive the certification it will be honoured as Expert Craftsman.

One of the key success factors in providing industry relevant training is to listen to the ‘Voice of the Customer’ and definitely the industries in Kedah and Perlis are our revered
customers. We hope to be able to connected with more industries this year, to listen to technological advances and study its consequences on how these affect skill requirements of existing employees and also future workers.

We also intend to establish closer ties with other Higher Learning Institutions (HLI) in exchanging of ideas, sharing of experiences, resources and subject matter experts. We truly believe, together, we can generate a skilled human capital ‘Designed through the Voice of Industry for the requirement of the Industry’.

The Malaysian Rail Academy (MyRA), is also an excellent example of such collaboration between Industry and TVET Provider. KISMEC is delighted and proud to be honoured by MyRA, as an associate Training Provider. Training Program shall commence in April and we look forward to the MOU signing and customizing of the modules to suit the Rail Industry’s requirements.

Last but not least, I would like to convey KISMEC’s highest appreciation to all agencies involved, government bodies, supporting industries and our committed staff who have made 2017 a great year to start with.
Thank you.

En. Mohd. Yusuri Yusof
Executive Director